Boston’s Unscripted Musical Project (BUMP) –  is a fully improvised one-act musical performance created by YOU, the audience.  You’ll laugh your ass off as characters are created, plot unfolds, and songs are pulled out of thin air.  Everything from the songs, the music created by our house band, and what we lovingly call “choreography" is 100% improvised. Don't miss your chance to see this unique show which BU Today recently called "laugh-out-loud" and BroadwayWorld.com said was "funny, with frequent uproarious laughter...intelligent and hilarious."  No two shows are ever the same and anything can - and will - happen…you have to see it to believe it!

BUMP  features an all-star cast from all over New England featuring top performers from Improv Asylum and ImprovBoston. Every performance is completely improvised dictated by audience suggestion where anything can happen on stage if you enjoy musicals, improv, or just like to laugh - you will LOVE this group.

2015 BUMP cast (left to right) Ruth Green, Pat Parhiala, Summar Elguindy, Jeff Marcus, Marissa Wahkuna, Matt Walczak, Misch Whitaker, Autumn Gillette, Mac Gostow, Emily Laverdiere, Marc Hirsh, Corey O'Rourke, Julia Deegler.


  • Kristen Aldrich

  • Summar Elguindy

  • Autumn Gillette

  • Marc Hirsh

  • Emily Laverdiere

  • MacMillan Leslie

  • Misch Whitaker, founding cast member


  • Arman Mohammad (piano)

  • Nathan Cowper (piano)

  • Grant Neubaur (piano)

  • Ethan Selby (drums)


  • Misch Whitaker - director

  • Pablo Rojas - founder, executive producer


BUMP Alumni

  • Brian Agosta, Julia Deegler Katherine Docimo, Kelly Dooley, Bryan Dunn (co-founder and musical director), Bill Folman, Mat Gagné, Ruth Green, Mac Gostow, Kevin Harrington, Tim Johnson, Dylan MarcAurele (musical director), Corey O'Rourke, Ceara O’Sullivan, Pat Parhiala, Mike Paternoster (piano), Tim Stonelake, Christine Toohey, Cavan Rogers, Marissa Wahkuna