Boston's Unscripted Musical Project


Boston's Unscripted Musical Project

“ funny, with frequent uproarious laughter...intelligent and hilarious”
— Alex Lonati,
Talent! Humor! This show was amazing, I am going again, and again.. and again :)
— Lismany M.
I was fascinated by the idea of how a musical could be done as improv. B.U.M.P. greatly exceeded my highest expectations. This act is great!
— Don
B.U.M.P. was improv like we’ve never seen it before! The cast was incredibly talented and was able to create a multi-act musical off of one suggestion from the audience...Fun for a night out!! Kept us laughing throughout!
— Goldstar Patron




Boston’s Unscripted Musical Project (B.U.M.P.) – is a fully-improvised one-act musical. After getting a single suggestion from the audience, the cast of B.U.M.P. creates a musical experience full of heroes, villains, and comic relief and weaves their tale into a broadway-like production all as the audience watches. Everything from the songs to the dancing to the music created by our band is improvised.  No two shows are ever the same!

2015 BUMP cast (left to right) Ruth Green, Pat Parhiala, Summar Elguindy, Jeff Marcus, Marissa Wahkuna, Matt Walczak, Misch Whitaker, Autumn Gillette, Mac Gostow, Emily Laverdiere, Marc Hirsh, Corey O'Rourke, Julia Deegler. 


  • Julia Deegler
  • Summar Elguindy
  • Autumn Gillette
  • Ruth Green
  • Mac Gostow
  • Marc Hirsh
  • Emily Laverdiere
  • Jeff Marcus
  • Corey O'Rourke, founding cast member
  • Pat Parhiala
  • Misch Whitaker, founding cast member


  • Dylan MarcAurele (piano)
  • Ethan Selby (drums)
  • Brian Mellen (bass)


  • Casandra McKinney - technical intern
  • Misch Whitaker - director
  • Pablo Rojas - founder, executive producer


Cast and Crew bios

Julia Deegler (ensemble) has been an active member of the Boston theater community as an actor, dancer and choreographer for several years. For over 3 years, she played the leading role as Dimitri/Vinnie in the internationally renowned The Donkey Show, produced by American Repertory Theater (A.R.T.) and directed by the Tony-Awarding, Diane Paulus. Julia was also the dance captain and an ensemble cast member of the critically acclaimed Boston original show, Tonya and Nancy: A Rock Opera, at A.R.T.’s Club Oberon. More recently, Julia is the choreographer and a company member for Ryan Landry’s Gold Dust Orphans. She recently performed in and choreographed their December run of Jesus Christ it’s Christmas! and is currently working on their newest project, Thoroughly Muslim Millie. Julia is also a graduate of ImprovBoston’s curriculum and has performed in their annual Gorefest show for the past two years. She is so excited and honored to be one of the newest members of the B.U.M.P. cast and looks forward to learning from such an amazingly talented group of performers.

Summar Elguindy (ensemble) is a co-founding member of Sea Tea Improv and has performed in hundreds of shows throughout New England. She holds a Masters in Theatre Education from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts. Summar has trained with ImprovBoston in Cambridge, Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC, People’s Improv Theatre in NYC, and the Hartford Stage in CT. Summar currently spends her days as a middle school drama teacher who fervently hopes none of her kids ever comes to a show. In addition to B.U.M.P. she performs as a member of the sketch duo Autumn and Summar Spring into Winter and the musical improv team The Whale and the Porpoise. She will do basically anything in order to sing on stage and rock a cool dress.

Autumn Gillette (ensemble) is a Somerville resident who enjoys sliding on floors in socks. She has a B.F.A in theater performance from the University of Rhode Island and uses it to convince strangers to come to improv shows. Along with B.U.M.P., She currently performs in sketch troupes Uno Dos, Pantsuits, and the original musical show Autumn and Summar Spring into Winter. She has performed in ImprovBoston's The Family Show, Baby Wants Candy from Chicago, the sketch troupe The Baby Giraffes, and musical parody God Hates Musicals.

Ruth Green (ensemble) is a Canadian transplant to Boston and happy to say the procedure was a success! She took her first improv class in 2010 and has been hooked since. In 2014 she started Green Means Go, an independent improv group which is currently preforming in ImprovBoston’s Studio 40 show. She is excited to have recently joined BUMP, and for the opportunity to take all her training in theater, dance, singing, guitar, and songwriting and say “Yes and…..“

Mac Gostow (ensemble) listens to 4 hours of music a day.   Mac lives for the songs and delights in making them up on the spot. He was a member of Gordon College's Sweaty Toothed Madmen improv troupe for 3 years and loved the tight-knit, improv family. Mac also trained a dinosaur at a zoo in California for two years. The dino was animatronic. The dino still pooped. Mac has been in musicals including Crazy For You, The Hot Mikado, Seussical the Muscial (personal fave), Carousel, The Wiz and more! Mac currently performs with ImprovBoston's Family Show, All Access Improv, My Musical OK Cupid Date, and is an Associate Producer at ImprovBoston. Mac is tall. 

Marc Hirsh (ensemble) Marc Hirsh (ensemble) joined B.U.M.P. in the fall of 2013 and is also currently a performer with Catalyst Comedy's KERPLUNK! and the ImprovBoston National Touring Company. He has performed at ImprovBoston since 2001, where he was a member of the Family Show, UnNatural Selection, TheatreSports and Micetro casts and wrote the original musical What Does America Mean To Me? Marc played Mickey in the original Boston cast of Flanagan's Wake and was a founding member of the Bok Center Players. Past credits include ComedySportz (Indianapolis and Houston), Auckland University TheatreSports, the Auckland University Comedy Guild and the Brat Pack. Marc has performed at comedy and improv festivals on three different continents and once got huge laughs for doing nothing more than standing on stage and summarizing the Communist Manifesto. He's still trying to figure that one out.

Emily Laverdiere (ensemble) graduated from Salem State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre and equally thrilled to be a member of B.U.M.P. as she is to say that she's making use of her degree. She has performed in various groups and showcases at ImprovBoston over the last four years and is active in the Boston theater scene; recent acting credits include T: An MBTA Musical and 2014's God Hates Musicals: A Musical Parody of the Westboro Baptist Church, for which she also wrote the lyrics. She can also be seen playing mermaids, goblins and other mythical creatures on the first Saturday of every month at The Riot Theater in JP in Magic:The Gathering: The Show, or singing and dancing some more with musical improv group The Whale and the Porpoise. Emily also writes and performs her own comedic songs under the name The Notorious Em Lav.

Jeff Marcus (ensemble) is a regional man of mystery. After graduating from Emerson College with a B.A. in acting, he sped around the country to exotic locations like the Colorado Rockies, Chicago and back home with his mom. He's been acting for fifteen years, appearing on stage, TV and motion pictures. Some favorite rolls include, Gary/Roger (Noises Off), Calvin Elder (True Believers) The Pillow King (Pippin and The Pillow King) and Bottom (A Midsummer Night's Dream). He is bubbling with excitement to be a part of this wonderful group of humans.

Corey O’Rourke (ensemble) has been doing improv and comedy for over five years. A life long performer with ten plus years experience in both straight theater and musical theater. Played Tommy in "The Who's Tommy" in 2006 at the Westford Academy Performing Arts Center, as well as Claude in "Hair" at Suffolk University's C. Walsh Theater, and many others. "Want to thank my friends and family for all their love and support in me in my attempt to do what I love. This cast is a great group of people with great direction. It's rare to find such a solid collection of people that all want to, and do, work well together, and trust each other. This has been one of the most fun and most rewarding casts, and groups of people i've been a part of. Thank you to them, and thank you to you for coming out" I got your back...

Patrick Parhiala (ensemble) is thrilled to be in his second year performing with BUMP. When he isn’t singing and “dancing” at Catalyst Comedy, he is performing at Improv Asylum as a member of the NXT cast. Patrick was formerly a member of the ImprovBoston Mainstage show and Touring Company. He cut his comedy teeth at UMass Amherst as a member of Mission: IMPROVable, and would like everyone to know he did not choose the name. During the day, Patrick is either working in special education or as Chris Pine’s body double. He would appreciate it if you swiped right.

Misch Whitaker (director, ensemble) has studied and performed improv comedy for over ten years. Past credits include TheaterSports/FaceOff at ImprovBoston (2007-2008); NXT at Improv Asylum (2007-2008); Improv Asylum Mainstage (2008-2012) and ImprovBoston Mainstage (2013-2014). Shefirst cut her teeth on musical improv performing with Hidden Falls (2010-2013); although she has a background performing in scripted musicals, she now prefersimprovising them. Misch is the Creator and Program Director of Stories Without Roofs, a social justice arts organization dedicated to telling untold stories. For updates on all of Misch's projects and performances follow @MischW on Twitter.

Pablo Rojas (founder, executive producer) is a Boston-based producer and production manager. He founded the Ministry of Theater to produce and create commercially-viable theater entertainment in Boston in 2012.  Recent theatrical projects include Roller Disco the Musical!, Boston’s Unscripted Musical Project (B.U.M.P.), God Hates Musicals, and the Emmy-nominated Improv Asylum’s Vanity Project.  Recently, Pablo founded Catalyst Comedy and co-created and produces KERPLUNK! and Dirty Disney.  Previously, Pablo has worked with the Huntington Theatre Company, the American Repertory Theater and Oberon, the Vineyard Playhouse, the Olney Theatre Company, 3 Monkeys Theatrical Productions, and Actors Centre Australia.  Pablo was the the General Manager ofImprov Asylum, New England’s premiere improv and sketch comedy theater, for several years before becoming Operations Manager in 2012. Pablo was also on the development team for Laugh Boston, a 300-seat comedy theater in Boston’s Seaport District that opened in September 2013.  He studied at Boston University’s College of Fine Arts receiving a B.F.A. in Theater Studies.


Boston's Unscripted Musical Project Alumni

  • Brian Agosta
  • Katherine Docimo
  • Kelly Dooley
  • Bryan Dunn, co-founder and musical director
  • Kevin Harrington
  • Tim Johnson
  • Tim Stonelake
  • Christine Toohey
  • Cavan Rogers
  • Marissa Wahkuna







how it all began...

Boston's Unscripted Musical Project was founded in December 2011 by Bryan Dunn, (musical director for Second City Tour Company and mainstage director at Improv Asylum) and Pablo Rojas (Producer and Operations Manager for Improv Asylum and Laugh Boston and Principal Producer for the Ministry of Theater) with the help of Misch Whitaker (former Improv Asylum Mainstage and ImprovBoston Mainstage cast member) who introduced them both.  In a matter of weeks B.U.M.P. was cast and began rehearsing.  Their first public performance was on February 9th 2012 at Improv Asylum.

In just a few short years B.U.M.P. performed in limited engagement runs at Improv Asylum, ImprovBoston, and the Davis Square Theater. They settled down and became the first resident cast of Catalyst Comedy in Fort Point on October 4th 2013.  In addition to regular ongoing performances in Boston, B.U.M.P. has performed nationally at festivals in New York City, Miami, Hartford, and Chicago.

PAST SHOW TITLES (Just a Few Of Our Favorites)


  • Tina Scalli's Bun
  • From Russia With Love: A Capitalist Awakening
  • Pipes: A Triple Entendre
  • Cat Factory
  • Lindsay Lohan in Paris
  • Lobster The Musical
  • Passover Penguins (Jan 10 Happier Valley Show)
  • The Locksmith Who Couldn't Unlock His Heart in Grumpyville 
  • Hippo! (Jan 24 Miami Improv Festival)
  • Fruitfly Incarnation   1/25/15 (at Miami Improv Festival)
  • Snow Globe: The Inside Story (Feb 4 Fine Line Comedy)
  • Dating in Space 
  • Zombie Apocalypse 
  • Penguins: A Dynamic Journey 
  • The Angry Postman and His Whole Family (Mar 28 Hartford Improv Festival)
  • Traveling with Nudists 


  • Scottish Mutant Ninja Farmers
  • Superman's Underpants
  • Wicked Honest Banshee Dynasty 
  • Blue Midnight Rhapsody 
  • Alien Love Song 
  • The Urban Overalls 
  • Mayor of Toronto
  • Game of Toilets


  • Frosty The Hitman        
  • The Mayor of Toronto  
  • Rectum?  Damn Near Killed Him!  
  • Chinchilla Highway
  • Tai Chi Sasquatch   
  • Circus School  
  • Bug Eyed Lemur
  • Helen Mirren Unplugged  
  • The Curtain of Fear
  • The Wizard of California  
  • Pastrami In the Park (6/8/13 Greenfield, Mass)
  • Henrietta Of The Night  
  • Goblin Daycare 



  • Alligator Laugh Track 
  • All My Husbands
  • Heatwave in Boston
  • Paper Mache Minions
  • The Yeast Infection (Davis Square Theater)



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