Space pirates, talking dogs, trees that hug *you*?  This show has it all because it's the adventure you and your family create together! Each performance is based on YOUR imagination - so no two shows are ever the same! You decide the story and you decide the outcome as the actors and musicians create it right before your eyes guided by our fine feathered storyteller:  Pablito the Penguin!

Children will love having their suggestions used by the actors.  Parents will watch in joyful amazement as their children direct the action, call the shots, and even have a chance to hop on stage, wear a costume and join in the fun! 

KERPLUNK! is Boston's original musical improvised story show for children, brought to you by the creators of Boston's Unscripted Musical Project.

Come see for yourself why this fantastical musical adventure is perfect for the whole family, or send us a message to find out how to bring KERPLUNK! to your next birthday or holiday party!